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Analytical Unit

The Analytical Unit of the Institute for Personalized and Translational Medicine provides support and conduct studies in three major research fields: bioinformatics, text mining, and data analysis and storage.


Our current focus includes analysis of whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing as well as analysis of transcriptomic data.

Major aims: 

Extract relevant bioinformatic information from the sample: genetic variants/rearrangements associated with diseases/conditions 

Provide researchers with actionable information to perform tumor-specific drug responsiveness. This also includes analysis of pharmacogenomics and drug metabolism.

Text mining

Develop methods to analyze massive text datasets (mainly scientific articles) to facilitate and simplify the process of searching for relevant scientific information.

Major projects:

  • Medical cannabis database: a database of scientific articles studying cannabinoids effect on various diseases with automated extraction of cannabinoid-disease relation (effect).
  • Automated analysis of biomedical texts: algorithms for automated extraction of biomedical terms and  classification from large amounts of text.

All data produced during  experiments (including result of OMICs analysis, immunohistochemistry results, expression data, etc.) is stored in the database