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Despite unprecedented scientific breakthroughs made in recent years, a dramatically wide gap remains between understanding biological processes in the human body and practical tools used in conventional medicine. Translational medicine may be compared to “Esperanto”, as it is accepted by both medical and research communities for combining efforts and facilitating advanced scientific, sophisticated and productive solutions for real life applications.  

IPTM, established in 2014 by Dr. Igor Koman at Ariel University, aims to enrich translational technologies by evoking the philosophy of personalization to find exclusive solutions for individual patients’ unmet clinical needs. 

Our team, which includes experts in biological sciences and medicine, views the patient as a complete holistic system, in which all individual parameters are linked to one another, each having equal value and the potential to influence the final outcome. 

By adhering to a patient-centered approach, we develop two parallel, but tightly interrelated arms of our research activities: identification of unique individual therapeutic targets and an intensive search for safe and highly effective agents acting towards these targets.


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